another night, another man

i saw him singing
in a sleezy nightspot down below
dressed fully in black
he looked awfully handsome
so dark so young
so reckless
i couldn’t help noticing lewdness
at the end of his innocent gaze
seducing mine
mild softness in his voice
gestures so virile
but yet so tender
reduced all my senses
to one overwhelming desire
his smile was boyishly coy
inviting me to steal music from his lips
red sensual sweet
like the resurrection of the flesh
brimful of grief
pined for even the slightest touch
(however false)
i needed to drown in his deep kisses
listening to the endearments whispered
into my curly hair as a hot summer breeze
he took off my shirt
and slowly explored my arousal
with devastatingly long slender fingers
oh god so good
i undid his pants
i made him moan
i made him beg
i made him die of poetry of my lust
for an instant
i didn't care for his name

© Aleks 2011


Anonymous said...

Eh, Aleks, Aleks, Aleks...
(lp,) bralec

aleks said...

eh, ja. anede. eh ja.
pa se prejsnga mi je bloger pozru-

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